Brief guide on developing your right hand speed Level: ADVANCED “If you’re not first – you’re last“ Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights How fast you play is absolutely crucial for guitarists. Even though technical guitar solos are appearing less and less in today’s hit songs, the need to be able to play fast riffs is still … Continue reading Speed

Dynamic Vibrato

How to develop the ability to control the speed and feel of your Vibrato. Level: INTERMEDIATE “You are where you need to be. Just take a deep breath “ Lana Parrilla At first I was thinking about writing an article on developing your signature vibrato technique. After all, that alone is what separates you from … Continue reading Dynamic Vibrato

Guitar Cleaning

Level: BEGINNER “Leave something better than it was before you had it…” Cleaning your guitar comes down to three main things: Strings, Fretboard and Body. I have two different cloths – one for fretboard and strings, and another one for the body, headstock and the back side of the neck. First start with String Cleaner … Continue reading Guitar Cleaning

Right Hand Warm Up

Quick and efficient way to warm your Right Hand Level: BEGGINER “Repeating something many times – making things go quicker in the end” We talked about quick and efficient way to warm up your left hand before a performance when the time is limited. Right hand uses different set of muscles and ideally you want … Continue reading Right Hand Warm Up

Practicing Routine

How to schedule your weekly guitar practice so you can grow efficiently as a musician and stay in top form. Level: INTERMEDIATE “Repeating something many times doesn’t necessarily mean improving it.” When you’re on tour or working in the studio, you’re likely doing fine in terms of performing and creating. You’re probably playing at least … Continue reading Practicing Routine

Ultimate Inspiration. Guitar vs Girlfriend

Epilogue chapter from the Bleeding Boyfriend vol. 1 comic book story. by Jay Katana Empty apartment. Just yesterday, her stuff was here. She was here. All she left was a few words lipsticked on my mirror: “I’m leaving… I believe in you.” Just like that. It would have been better if she’d written just the … Continue reading Ultimate Inspiration. Guitar vs Girlfriend

Left Hand Warm-Up

A Quick and Efficient Warm-Up Exercise for the Left Hand Level: BEGINNER “Warming up increase your chances of delivering the best possible performance, right here, right now” Everybody understands the importance of a good warm-up before a performance, recording or even a practice session. The main point is to get the blood running through the … Continue reading Left Hand Warm-Up

How to develop your Performance Dynamic

How to develop your Performance Dynamic Level: ADVANCED “You have about 15 seconds to make your listener decide whether or not to give you another 15” A sense of dynamics is a simple thing to develop. But it’s also crucial, because dynamics alone can set you apart from other guitarists. Have you ever wondered why … Continue reading How to develop your Performance Dynamic

How To Find Your Signature Style

How To Find Your Signature Style Level: ADVANCED “It doesn’t matter what you play. It matters how you play it.” “What you play also matters.” Guitarists spend most of their time developing technical skills and learning music theory. That determines their “level” and pure ability to play something or not. But after you start releasing … Continue reading How To Find Your Signature Style

Jay Katana – Ballerina

Grab on to something – tonight we’ll talk about melodic metal guitar solos, blended with electro pop. Yes. That’s right. You heard me. I said it before, I’ll say it again – learning about the invention of the genre “Electronic Dance Metal” alone felt like tasting a glass of expensive wine. Let that sink in … Continue reading Jay Katana – Ballerina

For The Record: Jay Katana’s ‘…Brighter Than Your Future’

Welcome to a new edition of “For The Record.” Guitarist and composer Jay Katana’s new debut solo offering is titled “…Brighter Than Your Future.” While your rockin’ reviewer will not make any assumptions about the readers’ future, if this initial audio offering as a solo artist is any indication, Jay Katana certainly has a bright future ahead of him. A … Continue reading For The Record: Jay Katana’s ‘…Brighter Than Your Future’

Brighter Than Your Future In Review

Album Review: Brighter Than Your Future by Jay Katana Review by Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Magazine The new album by Jay Katana Brighter Than Your Future is now available, we at IndiePulse had first option at announcing the news and now, it is with great pleasure we give our review. First, we would like to introduce the artist, Jay … Continue reading Brighter Than Your Future In Review

Single / Video Review: When She Dies by Jay Katana

When She Dies” is a dark and brooding track, as an instrumental, it conveys the message of the song perfectly without words. The new single “When She Dies” by Jay Katana, launched today with accompanying Video via YouTube, this is the first look and listen to material that is from the forthcoming album “Brighter Than Your … Continue reading Single / Video Review: When She Dies by Jay Katana

Guitarist Jay Katana Releases New CD, “Brighter Than Your Future”

As a highly-skilled guitarist and performer, Jay Katana injects his signature brand of individuality into any song. With his tonal range and flawless technique, the Atlanta, GA-based musician works his signature style into virtually any musical genre. Katana’s sound is very recognizable; his leads are intense and versatile. His composing skills, performance and onstage action … Continue reading Guitarist Jay Katana Releases New CD, “Brighter Than Your Future”

Rockwired Radio Profiles – an exclusive interview with Jay Katana

The best music out there is the music that tells a story. Even if there are no words involved. Russian-born guitar virtuoso JAY KATANA has a story to tell through music and images in his new EP release BLEEDING BOYFRIEND VOL.1. It’s all here! The ups and downs of love on the nightclub scene gone … Continue reading Rockwired Radio Profiles – an exclusive interview with Jay Katana