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Till Your Last Breath is all Mine

Unexpected track release from two modern instrumental guitarists. KOTR and Jay Katana gave us a short interview about their spontaneous collaboration and future plans.

KOTR: “Till Your Last Breath is all Mine” is the second single from my upcoming album. And while working on this track I was stuck with the guitar solo part. The whole composition has a slow meditative vibe and when I was trying my own versions of guitar solo – it wasn’t coming out exactly how I wanted. I needed a very dramatic sound with punches that follow each other.
And I always wanted to collaborate with Jay Katana who is my childhood friend.”

JAY: “Back then I was going through a break musically and I didn’t even play the guitar”

KOTR: “So I contacted Jay and suggested to collaborate. I sent him the demo and in a couple of days his solo perfectly completed the song.”

JAY: “I was very excited with the song (with the track) with the meditation vibe. And it all happened in a couple of seconds – I wouldn’t compose something like that on my own.”

KOTR: “After finishing working with this song we’ve decided to unite our forces and release instrumental guitar music under Bleeding Boyfriend concept.
Because we know each other very well plus we have similar mindsets about music. So now our listeners will get news from us: releases from each one separately and collaborations among us and other great musicians who’ll take part of our musical journey”

JAY: “So I’m very thankful to that guy. He kinda resurrected my career.”

KOTR: “Through collaborating with musicians from around the World we are building a community and a stage for our future victories”


And the track is already released and is available for free listening everywhere!!!

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