IT’S COMING!! New generation of modern guitarists is making noise.

Promising guitarist Konstantin KOTR Masik just released a badass instrumental track. Nobody is injured.

Modest, skilled and dedicated – he walks us through the creation process of his latest track BREATH:

“This track like everything I ever created came from my deepest inner feelings and emotions. Half way through creating process there’s always a moment when I’m being attacked by doubts and thoughts like: “why am I doing this?”, “Is it good enough??”, “I’m only wasting time”. The whole process slows down, I start feeling pressure and even feel tension in my muscles. The worst comes when I start loosing my breath due to panic and self sabotage. It’s hard to stay concentrated and inspired…”

Most of the creative people stop right there and end up never finishing what they started. What Konstantin says next is the key of winning the battle between self-doubt and inspiration.

But there is still interest to the whole process and despite the inner feelings you keep creating because it’s a part of your being like eating and breathing. Then the idea of this track transformed into some form of a meditation. First part there’s conflict and understanding that something goes wrong. Catch yourself and through the second part of the track you concentrate, calm down and drive back to normal.

Finishing and releasing the track was like a final deep “breath” for him. The artwork serves as a great metaphor for the idea. A robot girl drops a tear by the end of the track. While the butterflies symbolize light feelings and emotions.

The graphic designer Miranda WOLF ART tells her part of the story:

“They whole idea came suddenly. The girl is connected and tied to all those life support tubings and wires. She wants to break free and only watches butterflies fly away. It’s the feeling that everybody had at least once in their life. When you simply want to find inner piece and unchain yourself from heavy thoughts and worries.”

The collaboration of two creative souls promises us a good and intriguing album.

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