BREAKING! Jay Katana’s wife speaks out for the first time!

It’s a well known fact, that Jay Katana keeps his private life in secret. After 5 years of marriage beautiful Anastasiya Simakova comes out the shadow to make a public statement.

“First of all, when I was marrying this guy I hoped that he was at least half as pretty on the inside as on the outside. He proposed to me at TJ’s bar in Alpharetta. We knew each other for only two weeks.
I didn’t know any of his music but he acted like he was famous. The day we met for the first time – he stepped in to protect me from a guy I had a fight with. Andrey is not a good fighter so he was getting his ass kicked.
I have to admit – he fought brave and he was loud. He was confident.

A couple of days after we got married I realized what a mistake I made. He never treated me as a loved one. In a middle of a date he could just drop me home and then go have fun somewhere else. I didn’t know where he was spending nights. I was getting calls and threatening messages from somebody’s boyfriends. I thought my life was in danger.

We fought a lot. I have to say that as a man he never raised his hand on me. He threw stuff. Mostly food. Once when we had dinner in a restaurant, he threw a piece of steak in me after I gave an attitude to a server from Guatemala. Tears filled my eyes and I told him that he can’t act like this in public with his wife. He said that we are all people no matter where we’re coming from and “Everybody loves Everyone”.

All my family, friends and co-workers like him and think that I’m the lucky one. But they don’t know what a person he really is. Yes, he is extremely talented, but very very uncontrollable. He lives in his own bubble.
When I started seeing other people he was actually very supportive.
I’m a proud woman, and deserve to be loved. Anywhere I go people treat me with respect, but not at home. Not him.

The last drop was when he tried to hook me up with a Russian Publicist Victor Shenderovich during his last visit to Atlanta.

I filed the divorce. When I told him about that – he said that it was the best day of his life.
The music I hear from his studio is still great and reminds me of who I was when I met him. I still believe in him and know that he will make some girl very very happy, but I’m glad it’s not gonna be me”

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