Right Hand Warm Up

Quick and efficient way to warm your Right Hand


“Repeating something many times – making things go quicker in the end”

We talked about quick and efficient way to warm up your left hand before a performance when the time is limited. Right hand uses different set of muscles and ideally you want to find a perfect balance between strength (for the attack and confidence) and relaxation (for speed).

In my case warm up routine for the right hand includes three exercises:(One minute for each)


On a random string (random fret) play alternative picking as fast as possible. Combine different strings and hand positions (closer to the bridge or to the neck). Do the same with and without palm-mute.


Start from sixth string to the first and back, then do the same set starting from first string and going up to the sixth and back. Also do a set with palm mute.


Play a short scale up and down repetitively, every note 3 times as quick as possible.

In all three exercises use alternative picking.In about 3 minutes you should be ready to go on stage and control your attack and accuracy right away. Good Luck!!!

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