New Album Release on Friday 13th!!!

Bleeding Boyfriend MixTape

New album will be available everywhere September 13. This time Electronic Dance Metal goes to the next level by exploring the new grounds of Dubstep and Hip Hop beats. While at the same time the Acoustic Guitar is used more than before.

Artistically this album is a tribute to the part of my life that finally is over. Seven years of Night life, Freedom, One night stands, social dynamics, romances with some of the most beautiful women in the world, broken hearts, saved lives, lost friends, found loves, shame, facing fears, self-improvement and definitely no regrets.
Goals achieved. Points proved. Price paid. Men were jealous. Women will remember.

Thanks God, everybody who was involved is alive and healthy. Hope there are no kids that I’m not aware of.

I was good at being single. I’m happy I’m f….king done with it.

“…Thanks for the memories”

Fall Out Boy 2007
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