guitar cleaning

Guitar Cleaning


“Leave something better than it was before you had it…”

Cleaning your guitar comes down to three main things: Strings, Fretboard and Body. I have two different cloths – one for fretboard and strings, and another one for the body, headstock and the back side of the neck.

First start with String Cleaner and Lubricant (for example GHS FAST FRET). Clean every string one by one.
Not only it will prolong your strings life it also will brighten the sound and make the fingers slide easily.

Then clean your fretboard with the same lubricant and the same cloth. Without damaging the finish you will get rid of all the dirt around the frets.

Then its time for guitar body polishing. The best thing that works for me is DUNLOP #65 guitar polisher and a gentle cloth. Not only it cleans the finger prints and sweat marks it also leaves some kind of a protection layer for some time. And it also smells good :). Cleaning the back of the neck is very important too – so it doesn’t change color with time and become darker.

With the same cloth go over all the metal and plastic parts like tuning machines, vibrato bar, bridge, knobs and switches.

And the last but not least thing – use a multi-purpose DUSTER to blow away dust from the hard-to-reach areas in your Floyd Rose or other bridge and pick-ups.

Clean guitar is like a clean car – you want to drive it right here right now.

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