Too Many Reasons

Film starring Jay Katana

Short, intense, captivating and inspirational work by Chris Edge. “Too Many Reasons” was just released.

Once again Chris Edge proved that he can create miracles on the spot. It’s crazy how one person can have such a multidimensional vision and skill to deliver.
This short and intensely edited film tells a story of a dreamer. The ride to the dream is bumpy and it’s too easy to quit.
“The Musician wakes up, over and over again. The Musician dreams. The Musician makes it happen.” – says Chris.

Beside Jay we can see Law Veritas also is starring in the film and we can’t even imagine what this combination of talents can bring us in the future.

Music: Letter From Child and K-Koda by Jay Katana.

Links to Chris Edge’s resources:
IG: EdgeOfOur_World

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