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BREAKING! Famous guitarist found drunk and naked in Meridian Mississippi. [Rare Footage]

Andrey Pyslaruk also known as Jay Katana, guitarist of Pool Of Thorns, Bleeding Boyfriend and For This Day was found in a very inappropriate state in Meridian Mississippi Econo Lodge Hotel.

According to the hotel manager Tricia Campbell, that night they had only 3 visitors in the whole building due to COVID-19. Around 3 am the other two visitors started complaining about the noise coming from the second floor. “Mr. Pyslaruk wasn’t answering the room phone, so we had to break in.” – miss Campbell states. “When we opened the door he was dancing with a bottle of whiskey over Paramore’s “Still into You” song playing from his phone speaker. He had no clothes…

“We didn’t call the Police but evicted him from an empty Hotel in a middle of the night. He jumped in his car, yelled “I’m not a Whore anymore!!!” and took off…” – Tricia did her best to stay calm when we were talking to her.

Jay Katana doesn’t comment on this accident but according to his wife and close friends he came back from Mississippi a different person.

The accident happened in the beginning of April. As for now – Jay Katana looks sharper and is back to all his bad habits. Probably he still doesn’t know what he’s doing but we will definitely hear some noise from him this year.

Also, according to our reliable sources at RTR Moldova Canadian band THREE DAYS GRACE is about to announce their new guitarist.

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